October 19, 2017
October 19, 2017 TV YABANTU


Tumi Morake-not-the-first-time-tumi-morake-insulted-whites-bccsa-told/

Not the first time Tumi Morake insulted whites‚ BCCSA told.

Cultural imperialism in the era of ‘democracy’ must falsify reality in the imperial country to justify aggression — by converting victims into aggressors and aggressors into victims.

Last month was not the first time that radio personality and comedian Tumi Morake made offensive comments towards white people‚ a Jacaranda FM listener submitted to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA). Times Live 🙁Naledi Shange)

In the written complaint‚ the listener said He was disturbed when Morake used a bicycle-and-bully analogy last month to explain apartheid.

During the radio show‚ Morake said it was like bullies on a playground who stole another child’s bicycle but instead of being punished for their stealing‚ the thief and the bicycle owner now had to share the bike and play together.

Another wrote that “Morake’s opinion was that white people should still be punished for what their forefathers did at the time”.

Yes Yes YeS yES yES yessssss a thousand times – whites still want to act innocent ?

Of course whites are still riding on the bike. Yes white people should be punished for what their forefathers did.
And until today, the whites still systematically oppress the blacks. Just because you are riding sharing your bike with the bully who took it by force it does not justify his part ownership to the bike. A thief always a thief. And what do you do with thieves. We cut fingers off.
White People Stop Acting Victims you are insulting our intelligence, and you will only provoke more anger and hate against you.
“I find this offensive as nobody has ever given us a deadline as to when the opposite discrimination and punishment will come to an end so we can get this country to stand up and go forward in unity‚” wrote the complainant.
This opposite discrimination and punishment will come to an end so we can get this country to stand up, if you white people finally accept the truth and face the evil you have done to our people and land?.
One of the complainants said “Again‚ I thought to myself is this possible that Tumi Morake again points to white people as if they have no values‚ worth or humanity?” the complainant wrote.
 of-course racist whites  have no values‚ worth or humanity. daaaaaaaaaa wake up . how can you robe the peoples land, rape, murder and still try to act innocent? where is values or humanity in that ? A rapist is a rapist ! .
– Tumi Morake African Queen –
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