Google A Racist

October 10, 2017
October 10, 2017 TV YABANTU

Google A Racist

Google & Facebook racism towards African woman
Google racism towards African woman

Google racism towards African woman

Google is a poison, not only poisoning us blacks, but our WHOLE united nation GIVING ILL INFORMED CHOICES to its viewers on YouTube and on its search engine. An organisation that perpetrates hate and racism.

No longer must we allow or accept the control of Africans by these western freaks.

No longer must they call us names.

No longer must they call our culture backward.

No longer must they call us an educated barbarics.

No longer must we conform to their evil deeds against our people.

No longer must we follow or conform to a racist systemised constitution that was written by racists in order for racists to oppress and control our resources and people.

Africa is not poor. Africa is in this state as it is because we allowed these freaks to detect, how we should live, and we allowed their unfounded laws to give them rights to settle in our land and using the laws that they wrote to control us and stop us from standing up against them.

We must by any means necessary as the people stand against these racist organisations.

The organisation that are built on the foundation of hate, oppression, discrimination, and well designed to divide the people.

Racism is a disease and Google as an organisation is infected so it must be quarantined.

If you stand against racism and oppression of black woman we ask you to take part in getting Google to be liable for crimes against humanity.

we demand we as the people must apprehend and bring to justice Google and its management team, who have incited on perpetrating racism and violation of our rights, dignity and culture, due to our color of skin, ethnicity, culture and beliefs.

Join us on our day to remove Google from its offices.

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