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June 23, 2015 TV YABANTU

Film Africa




Run by Africans and for Africans.

Africa has become a global fenominom and every jack out there wants a piece of Africa.

So what doe this means. This means that a lot of of companies overseas owned and run by non africans are
are already online  and outthere claiming to represent the interests of Africa while infact they want to seize
the opportunity of gaining from our Africa.

Film Africa media is black owned and run by African creators. We represent the interests of our people.
We believe that Africa is a powerful continent and together we can work and uplift each other

The people from the western world have for many years stole from Africa, taking our resources and claiming to represent Africa
we are the new generation and we shall work for ourselves.

If you are an African creator and have talent ?. Film Africa can make your dream come true.

we are creators of FilM AND Music, we are passionate about the arts in  Movies – Music – Lifestyle – Documentary
,Fashion, News, Beuty and more.

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