Cultural Chauvanism

October 3, 2017
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October 3, 2017 TV YABANTU

Cultural Chauvanism

Cultural Chauvanism ,is simply biased, unreasonable devotion to one’s own culture.

idiot: my culture is the best!
non-idiot: why?
idiot (in a rare moment of reflection): because…it’s the only one i know.
non-idiot: you are certainly poisoned by cultural-chauvinism :-).


is the simple belief of the superiority of an individual’s culture. Ethnocentric individuals often believe that their culture is superior to others in every aspect.
an ethnocentric person feels that his or her own nation or group is the cultural center of the world. With a distorted tendency to evaluate other groups according to the values and standards of their own ethnic group.
Most rules you know today and still affecting you today were created by these chauvinist.
These rules (law) were not created to save the world as you been educated to think. These rules were laid out in order to degrade and oppress other ethnic groups in all aspects of life.(socially, business, family, friendships etc. They use this laws to control us Africans.
chauvinism is accompanied with acts. In order for this to be effective it had to be implicated through government practices. (so It becomes a law) One example of this is the oppression of men who were not European men throughout the history . Men who belonged to minority groups were oppressed and had their rights and citizens alienated. The law during those periods allowed cultural chauvinist to be justified in their oppressive, prejudice and degrading behaviours. Cultural degradation is the feeling of one’s culture being inadequate. Cultural degradation is normally followed after the oppressive acts implicated by cultural chauvinist.

Those who are victims of cultural degradation often have a sense of low self esteem, self hatred and low self worth. They give into to the beliefs of chauvinistic people after continual discrimination and oppression.
In your poor and conforming mind you end up believing you are following the law? but whose law ? An idiot’s law.

Today we are facing the same situation with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to name a few.
They have an agenda to globalise the world according to their own beliefs. And continue to make you as Africans feel that your beliefs are not good enough, so they must decide for you.
Should these organisations continue to operate in our Africa?
VUKA maAfrica, VUKA muntu Omnyama

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